Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm having a hard time keeping up with the schedule for this workshop; luckily I already have some familiarity with the topics this week--blogs, wikis, and podcasts. I did develop my own experimental wiki with pbwiki, but I haven't looked at podcasting since I made one three years ago and embedded it in one of my blogs.
This particular blog is hosted by blogger (the one I'm most familiar with), but there are a number of other popular hosting sites:
You may like to try these blogging services
However, I have found myself exploring a variety of other blogs this week; we have a visiting scholar from China, and she is interested in developing a blog of her adventures in Canada. it's a blog she wants to share with the people she's meeting in Canada and with family, friends and colleagues back in China. As she's an EFL specialist, I'm her unofficial mentor. We tried Blogger, but we soon realized that was blocked in China. Then we tried WordPress (a new venture for me); that was also blocked. We finally found a platform that is based in China: I couldn't help much with that, but with a few instructions, I was able to leave a comment. I have permission to share the actual blog. If you want toleave a comment, the green button is "publish", the word verification is straight forward, and the box above the post is for your name (not a title as I originally thought).

One of the really good things about the evo courses is that even if you don't have the time to do everything during the timeframe of the course, the resources are always there for exploration at a later date--we all tend to think we'll have more time at some hypothetical date in the future!

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