Friday, April 23, 2010

TESOL 2010

It was a month ago I was there. It was an energising experience largely because the webheads are such a fantastic group. The conference itself was over 7,000 people, so there is no single event that brings people together the way we have with either ATESL or TESL Canada conferences. In this huge conference, it is really nice to have a "home" to go to. "Home" is the Electronic Village; it hosts various displays of technology--hardware and software--with a lot a show and tell exhibits; it is also the place where the webheads from around the world meet up. I volunteered for two hours at the EV, and it was great to meet up with some old friends I had met in Seattle three years ago and also meet others that I had only met online before. The best way to give you a flavour for the experience is to direct you to the blog, Webheads in Action (WIA) in Boston, in  that many of us participated in as a way to record and reflect on our experiences--the professional and the social.

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