Wednesday, January 20, 2010

BAW week 1

The first week of the Becoming a Webhead course was very busy. It's amazing how these courses bring together people with similar interests from around the world. The first week was busy with introductions on a wiki--there are nearly 200 particpants from 54 different countries. We were getting used to the blog and wiki tools associated with this course and doing some readings to prepare us for a "chat". The chat took place in
Tapped In--this is a resource that I wasn't previously familiar with. It proved easy to login, set up, and use, and the chat provided a quick tour of the site. One of the interesting features is that you can set up your own room/office on the site, and others (students) can visit you in the room. So there I was, 7 AM my time, chatting with over 30 people from many different countries. It's not that Tapped In provides different resources from other possible sites, but it's interesting to explore the various possibilities and see which ones seem most useful/friendly  from a personal perspective, and what can be used or adapted for our own teaching situations.

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